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Laundromat Chicks & plainhead

presented by new basement

  • So
  • 12.05
  • 20.30h

LAUNDROMAT CHICKS (Vienna / Siluh Records) is a music collective around 19-year-old songwriter TOBIAS HAMMERMÜLLER. Being part of the Viennese SILUH RECORDS Label, the whole thing sounds like feel-driven, jangly Guitar-Pop.

While the bedroom-recorded first album ’TROUBLE’ almost feels like a lost album from early influential indie labels like Cherry Red or Postcard Records, the follow-up ‘LIGHTNING TRAILS’ builds on that sound in a more organic and arranged fashion. In a live setting their songs turn into wonky power-pop fun, more than anything else.

plainhead (basement)

The goal is to become the loudest band in town!“ Well that is not (entirely) true. „Mom! The music isn’t even that loud!“ but they definitely will resonate with your inner windows, shaking them up until they break apart. Next to their teenage dream of becoming the Sunn O))) of Bavaria, writing good songs will forever be the main goal within the bedroom walls. The gang of friends (aka the band) Chris, Lorenz, Jan, Kai & Don turn it up on stage – infectious fun mixed with crushing sadness in between the noise. Kind of like a synthesis of Alex G + bands such as Duster & early Animal Collective.

Heavily influenced by modern noisecrushers from Philadelphia + more, they are like dogs who were trained to stick to the mission to bring the GAZE into town.

presented by new basement GbR

"Youth culture, DIY, right now!”. This should be the goal in all basements. With great role models from various basement scenes (Brixton/London, Chicago, Melbourne, Seoul, Philadelphia etc.), the members of new basement decided to redefine many things within the local music scene for themselves. The deal is to play shows and meet new friends, create connections between local bands and friends from out of town. This time finally with surfy Jangle Pop group Laundromat Chicks from Vienna + premiere at Giesinger Bahnhof!

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